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It was founded on 08.06.2007 by Agricultural Engineer Şinasi TUNCER, Agricultural Engineer İbrahim SÜZEN, Agricultural Engineer Ali YANILMAZ, Agricultural Engineer Mustafa KARGI, Agricultural Engineer Abdullah KALAFAT, Agricultural Engineer Ahmet COŞAR, who are experts in their profession.

In the Black Sea Region, where polyculture agriculture is carried out, "Good Agricultural Practices, including contract production, are carried out and these products are delivered to domestic and international markets. In this sense, our expert technical staff provides technical support (soil reclamation, seedlings, saplings, seeds, etc.) to our partner dealers, leading farmers and farms on the field. To ensure the supply of inputs (fertilizer, fertilization techniques, irrigation techniques, control, harvesting techniques, etc.), to have certified and contracted production done together with our regional partners (dealers), to process these quality products in our own pre-cooling, storage and packaging facilities and to offer them to domestic and international markets.